Want a tan? How about getting a tanning bed for yourself?

Taining Bed
Want a tan? How about getting a tanning bed for yourself?

Tanning bed can give you a gorgeous tan without having to go to a salon. These beds are expensive, but if you love having a tanned look, the investment may be worth the money for you in the long run. You need to be careful in buying and using a tanning bed.

 3 Things to consider before buying a Tanning Bed

  1. The Style of the Tanning Bed:

Tanning beds are available in two styles: a standing booth and a traditional horizontal bed. The horizontal bed would take up more space in your room. So consider whether you will have enough space to accommodate a horizontal tanning bed. If not, then go for the standing booth. These take up less space and can be placed in a corner.

  1. The Bulbs Used in the Tanning Bed:

Bulbs are the most important element of tanning beds. These beds use bulbs with either UVA and UVB rays or UVA rays only. The experts aren’t yet sure which of these bulbs is safer for your skin. But you need to know which bulbs are used in your bed so you won’t have trouble when you need to replace them. These bulbs aren’t interchangeable. So you have to be sure to buy the right ones.

Also, before buying a tanning bed, notice the placement of the bulbs. How easy will they be to replace? Since you will probably replace them yourself, you should be sure it will be easy to do.

  1. Extra Features

Before buying a tanning bed, also consider what extra features they have. The most important of these is the cooling system. This is important to save you from getting overheated inside a bed. The cooling fan will keep your skin from becoming too hot.

Your tanning bed should also have face tanner which has specially placed bulbs to direct light towards the face for better facial tanning.

Choices in Home Tanning Beds for your home

Different types of tanning beds are available for home use. Among these, the traditional tan beds are the most popular. These tan beds use bulbs that resemble fluorescent tubes. The High Pressure Beds are also quite popular. These use high pressure quartz bulbs instead of the traditional lamps. They are called high pressure because the gas in their bulbs is higher than the pressure in the atmosphere.

These beds tan you on only one side at a time. You need to turn over halfway through your session to tan on the other side. However, many people find these to be more comfortable than traditional tanning beds. These are usually found in salons, but you can purchase them for your home too.

Buying a used Tanning Bed:

If a new tanning bed seems too expensive for you, you can look for a used bed too. But before purchasing an old tanning bed, make sure of the following:

  • The bed you are considering should meet the current federal and state safety regulations. You can learn about these from the internet or a tanning salon owner.
  • Find out how much the bed was used. If the bed you are considering was originally used in a salon, it has probably gotten a lot of use. If it was originally used in a home, then it may have been used little.
  • Compare the price difference of the new bed with a used bed. The difference must be big enough for you to settle for an old bed.
  • Find out about the bed’s working condition and repairs or maintenance done on it. Also, ask when its bulbs were last replaced. Only buy a bed that has been properly maintained.
  • Ask if any time is left on the warranty. Buying a bed that’s still under warranty is better.


Having a tanning bed at home can be very convenient for those who love a tanned look. But remember that too much tanning can be harmful to your skin. So, understand the process well and take precautions to protect your skin from damage.