Do you need to avoid any food items while breastfeeding?

Do you need to avoid any food items while breastfeeding?

Many women think they can eat whatever they want during breastfeeding. However, you must remember that strongly flavored food can change the taste of your milk. Most babies enjoy the variety of breast milk flavors. But sometimes your baby may get cranky and refuse to feed after you eat certain foods. If this happens with you, simply avoid that particular food.

Food items you may need to avoid:

The most common food items that may give you trouble during breastfeeding include chocolate, spices, garlic, chili, citrus fruits, lime, gassy vegetables, and fruits with laxative type effects, such as prunes and cherries.

Can you drink coffee while breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you do not need to give up coffee. You can have a cup or two of coffee every day. But more than two cups in a day may not be good. Too much caffeine may interfere with your baby’s sleep. It may even make the child cranky.

You must also remember that caffeine is found in tea, many sodas, and even some over-the-counter type medicines.

Can you consume alcohol while breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding, avoid heavy drinking. It’s safe to have an alcoholic beverage now and then. But don’t have more than one drink in a day. It may increase your blood alcohol level. That may put the alcohol into your breast milk. You don’t want that, do you?

If you do have more than one drink at a time, wait two hours or more per drink before you nurse or breastfeed your baby. You don’t need to pump and dump unless your breasts are full and it’s time to feed your baby.


It is important for nursing mothers to have a nutritious diet. Have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious food items. If you feel the need to avoid any food, consult your doctor before you omit it from your diet. You can also consult a nutritionist for advice on taking other foods or getting nutritional supplements.