Ankle and Wrist Weights: Are they any good?

Ankle and Wrist Weights Are they any good
Ankle and Wrist Weights Are they any good

Managing a healthy weight is a hard challenge. Our hectic lifestyle and poor dietary choices make it harder. But staying in shape is important for good health. Obesity can lead to many health problems. So no matter how busy you are, you need to make time for exercising. And you need to have a healthy diet. The basic rule of weight management is that you must spend more calories than you consume.

How to choose the best exercise for yourself?

When you decide to follow an exercise plan, you need to consider two important things. One, which exercise will work best for you. Two, how likely are you to keep up with that exercise routine. It is no use if you do a high-intensity exercise for a week, get frustrated, and give it up. Instead, choose an exercise that you are more likely to stick with. Also, consult your doctor before picking up any exercise.

Ankle and Wrist Weight – A work out anybody can do

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work out while going about your daily chores? Ankle and wrist weights can help you do just that. Adding ankle and wrist weights to your workout routine is a small addition, but it can have a good impact on your results.

Ankle and wrist weights are small weights that you can easily strap around your ankles and wrists. These weights add resistance to even basic movements such as moving your arms or walking. So you can exercise even when you are working in the kitchen or walking about your home. And if you use these ankle and wrist weights while exercising, they will help you lose more weight.

By adding resistance to your movements, these weights make your body work a little bit harder. And the more your body works, the more calories it burns. This helps you lose fat and build muscle.  So, by just strapping these small weights to your ankles and wrist, you can burn more calories and lose weight.

What are the advantages of ankle and wrist weights?

Whether you are a fitness lover or only work out once in a while, adding these weights to your exercise routine can be a great benefit. They can augment the effect of your exercise sessions and help you lose weight by even doing normal day to day activities.

Something as simple as going for a walk in a park can give you double the results if you use the ankle and wrist weights. When we walk, we naturally swing our arms as well as moving our legs. The additional resistance to these arm and leg movements by the weights force your muscles to work harder. And that helps you to lose more weight.

Who can use ankle and wrist weights?

Most people can use the ankle and wrist weights safely. They are also helpful for people who cannot do rigorous exercises such as long workouts. Some people might not be able to exercise due to some injury or illness. Ankle and wrist weights can help them to get the workout they need without straining too much.

Ankle and wrist weights are also good for the elderly. Simply going about their daily lives with these weights can improve their muscles. It may even help stave off muscle degradation. Using these weights is easy and can prove very beneficial for the elderly.


Many people don’t consider the use of ankle and wrist weights. These weights may not be as impactful as more intense exercises, but they can give you many benefits. They can make your exercise sessions more effective. And they can give work out benefits to people who cannot do rigorous exercises.

So if you are starting on your quest to lose weight or want to make your exercise routine more effective, give ankle and wrist weights a try. Whether it is hitting the weight machine or simply walking around your home, ankle and wrist weights can prove to be of great help. However, consult your doctor before using them. And if you feel any pain or discomfort because of them, discontinue their use.