What’s the easiest way to lose weight? Just laugh!

weight loss
weight loss

Do you want to laugh your way to better health and slimmer waist? Then read on.

Laughter is not just an expression of humor. It’s the most fun way to exercise. And believe it or not, just laughing can improve your physical and mental health. Maybe that’s why people say laughter is the best medicine.

Benefits of laughter that can help you lose weight

Reduces belly fat:

Laughter has many benefits. But let’s start with the one you are most interested in. Yes, laughter can help you lose weight. Best of all, by reducing belly fat, laughter can give you a slimmer waist. How? Well, when you laugh out loud, you contract and expand the muscles in your belly fully. This exercises your abdominal muscles, but in a fun way. Laughing can exercise various muscles in your body. This helps in overall weight loss too.

Improves metabolism:

When you laugh, the levels of stress hormone cortisol reduces in your body. Cortisol can impair your metabolism and lead to more fat stored in your midsection. That is, Cortisol may increase your belly fat. By laughing, you can decrease this Cortisol and improve your metabolism. This helps your body to burn more calories and helps you lose weight.

Laughter boosts energy:

Laughter can make your exhalations more effective. When you laugh, your lungs are rid of stale air and can inhale more oxygen. Laughter aids in expanding alveoli in your lungs. This means there is more area for oxygen exchange. So more oxygen can enter your lungs. Laughter also helps in increasing the oxygen distribution throughout the body. Simply speaking, laughter makes the oxygen move faster in your body.

But how does that help in reducing weight?

Body cells use oxygen to derive energy from the food. This is called cellular respiration. During this process, the cells use oxygen to break down sugar and produce energy. So, by providing more oxygen, laughter may help in a more efficient breakdown of sugar. This may make you feel more energetic. And when you are full of energy, you are more likely to live an active life and feel motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Makes you happy:

You might think happiness leads to laughter. But actually, laughter can lead to more happiness too. Laughter increases peptides called endorphins and enkephalins in your body. These are the same compounds that are released through controlled breathing, including controlled breathing in some yoga exercises.

Endorphins and enkephalins are chemicals produced naturally by your nervous system. They can help in reducing stress. They also contribute to pain management. Endorphins are called “feel-good” chemicals. Besides acting as a pain reliever, they help in boosting the feeling of happiness.

When you feel happy and stress-free, you are more likely to make healthier living choices. You feel more motivated to take care of yourself and stay healthy and fit.

Boosts your immune system:

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how vital it is to have a strong immune system. Studies have shown that our emotional state can also affect our immunity. Staying happy and positive can contribute towards maintaining stronger immunity.

In addition, some studies have shown that people who laugh more have increased levels of T-cells. These are important to protect your body from infections. T-cells increase your resistance to sickness. Laughter can also speed up the development of the antibody cells. This helps in stopping intruders from harming your body.

By strengthening your immunity, laughter can help in protecting you from sickness. A healthy body has more energy and better metabolism. Good health also ensures a more active lifestyle. In this way, too, laughter can help you reduce weight.

Helps in hypertension:

Laughter is also good for your heart. It reduces your stress. And it may also lower your systolic blood pressure. This is the top number in blood pressure reading. Lower blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Through various direct and indirect ways, laughter can help you lose weight. By exercising your belly muscles, it can tone your tummy. And by reducing your stress and hypertension and improving your immunity and mood, it helps in achieving better health.

Of course, laughing can’t reduce your weight as rapidly as other strenuous exercises. If you laugh for about 10 to 15 minutes continuously, you can burn about 40 calories. This can help you lose three or four pounds in a year. Besides, it can boost your ability and motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle which can also contribute to more weight loss. If you have many pounds to shed, combine laughter with other exercises and a healthy diet. By laughing every day, you can help yourself to a happier and healthier life.