Quarantine 15: Prevent this lockdown side effect!

Quarantine 15: Prevent this lockdown side effect!
Quarantine 15: Prevent this lockdown side effect!

An enemy your eyes can’t see has imprisoned the world. Schools, colleges, offices have shifted to homes. You are scared to step out of your home. And doctors are promoting social distancing instead of social interactions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to numerous problems. Weight gain is one of them. In a recent poll conducted by WebMD, a large number of responders reported weight gain during the lockdown. People are calling this weight gain Quarantine 15.

Why is lockdown leading to Quarantine 15 weight gain?

  • Reduction in activity: As people are locked within their homes, they are living a less active life than before. They are not able to go walking, jogging, or exercising in gyms. This lack of exercise is leading to weight gain.
  • Boredom and stress eating: When people feel bored or stressed, they tend to binge eat. This also leads to weight gain.
  • Trying new recipes: Boredom is also making people try new recipes more often. Whether it is to keep the kids happy or for the joy of showing off culinary skills on social media, people are trying to put more variety in their meals. This ‘fancy eating’ is also responsible for Quarantine 15 weight gain during the lockdown.

How to lose weight during Coronavirus lockdown?

1. Eat healthy to fight of Quarantine 15:

You need to watch what you are eating. Reduce the intake of saturated and trans fats. Limit your sugar intake. Make healthier food choices by eating more fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, berries, etc. These will give you nutrition and keep your immunity strong. You need strong immunity to fight off the deadly COVID-19 infection.

2. Mind your moods:

Avoid binge eating because of boredom and stress. Choose other activities that can help you pass time and keep you relaxed. Take up a hobby. Learn some new courses. Talk to friends and family. Here are 51 things you can do to make your lockdown time useful.

3. Restrict fancy eating:

Trying new recipes is fun. But healthy eating is important too. So, put a limit to how often you’ll try a new recipe that is high in calories and fats. Instead, challenge yourself to try new healthy recipes.

4. Change your eating habits:

Changing your eating habits can also help you lose weight. For example, drinking water 20 minutes before the meals can prevent binge eating. Take frequent healthy snacks instead of eating heavy meals after a long gap. Concentrate on what you eat and eat slowly. Even using smaller plates can help. Check out more smart eating tips.

5. Exercise at home:

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. If you want to fight off Quarantine 15 weight gain, you need to keep yourself active. Find ways to exercise at home. Instead of binge-watching television, keep yourself active.

You can keep Quarantine 15 away

Quarantine 15 weight gain is troubling many people. But you can fight it off. Just stay active, eat healthy food, and stay happy. Don’t let your stress and anxiety ruin your health. At a time when a deadly infection is plaguing the world, you need to be extra careful of your health.