Never forget these 5 Essential Travel Tips for diabetics

Never forget these 5 Essential Travel Tips for diabetics

Traveling to distant places is never easy. Only proper planning can make it pleasant and stress-free. Careful planning before traveling is especially important for people with health issues. Because if they don’t take care, travel might even become a life-threatening situation for them.

Diabetics especially need to be careful while traveling. If you have diabetes, here are 5 travel tips for diabetics you should always remember. These are simple to follow tips that can keep you safe, especially while traveling abroad.

Travel tips for diabetics

  1. Pre-travel check-up:

Always have a pre-travel check-up.  This will help you make sure your A1C blood sugar levels, your cholesterol levels, and your blood pressure are within the safe range. If not, consult your doctor before traveling. Be sure to take sufficient quantities of your medicines with you. And take all the appropriate shots for the country you plan to visit.

  1. Diabetes medical ID:

Wherever you are traveling, always wear a diabetes medical ID. Preferably, it should be in the language spoken in the country you’re visiting. This would avoid misunderstanding and help the natives to understand your medical problems.

  1. Keep your medicines close to you:

Carry your medication and glucose snacks in your hand luggage.  Never pack your diabetes medication in your main luggage. The Check-in baggage may go astray. By keeping your medication and snacks in your hand-luggage, you can have them quickly whenever you need them.

  1. Keep your medicines in their original box:

While traveling, keep your medicines in their original boxes, complete with pharmacy labels.  You may also carry your doctor’s prescription slip along. This is especially important if you are on insulin and need to carry syringes. This precaution is essential to prevent misunderstandings about why you are carrying drugs or syringes.

  1. Time zone changes:

Don’t forget about the effect of time zone changes. Remember that when you travel east, your day would become shorter. And when you travel west, your day would become longer. So, before you travel, consider whether you need to alter the timings of your medication. Note down the new timings so you don’t forget or get confused.


Just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean you should restrict your life or travels. With a bit of caution and careful planning, you can safely travel wherever you want.