The biggest advantages of breastfeeding for mom and baby

advantages of breastfeeding for mom and baby
The biggest advantages of breastfeeding for mom and baby

You want everything that’s best for your baby, don’t you? Well, breastfeeding is the most important thing you can do to protect your baby’s good health.  Best of all, breastfeeding is free and helps strengthen the mother’s bond with the child. Breastfeeding has many benefits. And in this post, we are outlining the biggest advantages of breastfeeding.

Advantages of breastfeeding

Ensures better health:

Breast milk contains a lot of antibodies. The thick yellowish milk (colostrum) produced for the first few days following birth is especially rich in antibodies. That is why breastfed babies have passive immunity for longer. This ensures better health for the child. Besides saving you money on HMR (Human Milk Replacement), breastfeeding can also keep your medical bills down by keeping your child healthy. Research has shown that babies fed with formula get sicker more often and more seriously than babies that are breastfed. Formula-fed babies also have more respiratory infections, ear infections, and other problems.

Fewer allergies:

The antibodies passed from the mother to the baby through breast milk also helps protect the child against allergies.  As the baby’s system matures, her body will make its own antibodies, and she’ll be better equipped to handle sensitivities of food.

Development of jaw alignment and cheekbone:

Sucking on the breast also helps the baby with the jaw alignment and the development of the cheekbone. This reduces the risk of costly orthodontic work requirements when the child gets older.

Always ready and always nutritious:

Unlike formula, breast milk is always available, more convenient, and always the right temperature for feeding. Also, it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your growing baby needs. So it is more nutritious than formula feed and healthier for your child.

Helps the mom too:

Breastfeeding offers many benefits for the mother as well.  The baby sucking at the breast right after birth causes contractions and leads to less bleeding for the mom. It also helps her uterus to resume its pre-pregnancy shape much faster.

And believe it or not, breastfeeding also burns calories! A mother who breastfeeds her baby can lose weight faster than if she fed her baby with a bottle. You should take care of the food you need to avoid during breastfeeding.  Check this post for more details.


Breast milk is nutritious and boosts your baby’s immunity. It can help towards better health of your child. Besides, breastfeeding strengthens the bond of the mother and the baby – which is one thing the formula cannot do. That is why, even though breast milk is free, it is the most precious food your child will ever have.